Space Planning

Interior Design

Space Planning 101

Did you know you could fit 5.7 British houses in a Canadian house?

We don’t have too much room to play with here in the UK. So we have to be very strategic with our space planning in order to make the most of our rooms.

When designing a room we have to consider functionality first and appearance second.



Functionality in Space Planning

All rooms are first and foremost functional spaces. We eat in them, we dress in them, we live in them.

If the room isn’t able to meet the criteria of functionality, we will not enjoy living in them.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What are the primary functions of the room?
  2. Who will use the room?
  3. How many people will use the room?
  4. Will there be children playing in the room?
  5. Does the room need to serve another function at some point?


Appearance in Space Planning

The goal of space planning is to create efficiency. But if we’re confident that has been considered & covered, we will move onto