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Our project managers coordinate and oversee the project life cycle of architecture and interior design related projects.

They manage projects from conception all the way through to construction and completion.

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The Brief  

Just as the most important part of a building is a sound foundation, the design brief is the most important part of an interior design project.

From our experience the more thorough the design brief, the more successful the project.

Clients who invest a lot of effort into the brief with the assistance of their project manager are typically always ecstatic with the outcome.

A great design brief should consider:

  • Objectives and goals of the new design
  • Overall style / look
  • Any definite ‘Do nots’
  • Budget and schedule
  • Target audience


In this stage we will take your input & the information found on the brief as the starting point for our research.

We explore different themes, ideas & more in order to bring something unique to the table.


During this stage our designers will start developing ideas. We will produce sample boards and investigate different options in order to give you a nice variety of designs to choose from.

This stage of the project is where we start to turn your ideas into reality


Once complete we will present you detailed sample boards, drawings & visualisations, alongside our comprehensive Main Contract.

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