Materials & Fabric

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Choosing The Right Fabrics & Materials For Your Space

Our interior decorators will often play with a variety of fabrics to create the desired look. This could be a simple tablecloth on a large, impressive looking dining table or perhaps its a lovely grey throw draped across the black leather couch.

Playing with fabrics give us the ability to add in a splash of colour or texture where needed. It should be used as an accent otherwise you run the risk of drowning other elements of the room out.

How To

Choosing The Right Fabric

You can’t just pick up any old fabric. Before choosing you must consider the following questions:

• What will the space be used for?
• Will it be a high traffic area?
• Will it be used often? or do you plan on only having it out when guests come over?
• What type of lighting does the room have?
• Do you have pets?
• Do you have any children?

Fabric Choices

Your answers will deeply affect your fabric choice

You wouldn’t use a lot of silk if there will be children eating snacks in the room.

A leather chair shouldn’t be placed in the sun room.

Once you know all the answers, then you can move on to selecting your fabrics.